Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Book of Me - Who am I?

The Book of Me - Prompt 1

I am participating in The Book of me, Written by You challenge created by Julie Goucher of the Anger's Rest Blog. Julie's concept; a series of blogging and writing prompts that help family historians capture their own memories and write about themselves. Click  here for more information. 
Julie Goucher has inspired geneabloggers around the world, to rise to the challenge presented by her, through her weekly prompts. I see this as a unique opportunity for family historians to delve into their memories and to leave a written record of information about their own lives. 

Prompt 1. Who are you?

I am.... in no particular order, but definitely family first....
  1.  A loving wife, a devoted mother to one son and three daughters, a proud grandmother of two beautiful grand daughters and a cousin of many wonderful  relatives worldwide!
  2. A friend. I am blessed to have incredibly wonderful friends. 
  3. A teacher. 
  4. A person who cares about the welfare of others. I have four beautiful sponsor children in Kenya, Bolivia, Spain and Sri Lanka. I am a member of which helps people less fortunate by loaning micro loans to assist in the building of businesses and in their daily life.
  5. A student in constant pursuit of knowledge....I love to learn new things and am currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Local, Applied and Family History through the University of New England. I have studied English, German and History at university. 
  6. A researcher. My main passions are history and family history. The fartherest back I have traced family (and verified my sources) is my Swiss Haberling and Ryser families which go back to Kaspar Haberling and Xander Ryser both born in the late 1400's. 
  7. A musician. Over the years I have played a number of musical instruments, including the guitar (I still play), piano, flute, drums (I still drive the family mad, tapping away with drum sticks, fingers or anything that will beat a rhythm!), and violin. Music is my second language.
  8. A speaker of the German language as well as my native English.
  9. An artist. Here and there (I have given many away) I have drawings and paintings I have produced over the years. Lately I have not had time to pursue this passion.
  10. A writer... I love to write. As a child I wrote stories and poems and I am quite a few chapters into several novels I am yet to day!
  11. A lover of animals. I have three fluffy Maltese dogs, Tigerlily May, Bella Rose and Maisy Bluebell who are cuddly but naughty. I also adore my grand-dog ( daughter's dog), a fabulous cream chihuahua named Frankie-Tallulah. Other pets include horses , birds, fish and rabbits. It could be said that it is best I don't walk past a pet shop.....
  12. An avid reader. My collection of books has outgrown my home. I have tsundokus (piles of unread books - thankyou fellow blogger Chris Goopy for that fabulous word) in several rooms. I particularly love collecting old books, especially if they have the name of the original owner written in them. I also love to read blogs which others write.
  13. A collector. Apart from books, I collect antique teapots which I keep in a glass display cabinet but which I like to take out to use as well. I love that I can use my collection. I also enjoy pondering the history of a teapot as I pour tea from it. 
  14. Addicted to technology. I could not live without my computer, Ipad and Iphone.
  15. Addicted to social media. I love participating on Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, name a few. I tell my family that I'm networking....
  16. A blogger. Blogging my family history has become an important part of my life. Blogging not only records my family history but my blogs have put me in touch with many wonderful relatives from all around the globe. Through blogging I have learned a great deal. I have become a much more competent researcher and discovered some otherwise unknown to me, family stories.
  17. A photographer. I enjoy taking photographs (as anyone who is a Facebook friend will tell you!). I  participated in the 2011 and 2012 Google Plus Photographic walks in Sydney and in Adelaide. Everywhere I go, my camera and Iphone are on hand to record things that interest me.
  18. A dancer (perhaps fanciful thinking these days...). I studied ballet, tap, jazz and Irish dancing for 14 years as a child and a teenager. The passion to dance has never left me, much to the amusement of my daughters. I am banned from watching dance programs on television as I am known to be then found in a far corner of the house tapping, jigging or twirling dangerously. As an adult I have learned line dancing and I am determined to take lessons in ' middle aged lady' tap dancing... despite family protests. 
  19. A positive person. I like to believe there is a something good that comes from every situation or challenge that comes my way. 
  20. A believer. I believe in God, in angels, in love, in the joy that comes from living every day to its fullest, and in fairies at the bottom of the garden. I believe that a sense of humour is an essential ingredient in a contented life. I believe that achievement comes through effort and that you are never too old to try new things.... like blogging and tap dancing....

Me aged 10 years...

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